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The Tiny Elf

I found a book upon the shelf,
And in the book I saw an elf,
Just playing 'round and having fun,
But all alone, without someone.

I know he loves the place he dwells,
With all its magic and its spells,
But he is lonely as can be,
And looks for ways to be set free.

He wants to see outside the book,
To roam around and take a look,
To see what trouble he can make,
While we're asleep, before we wake.

So, with a potion that will work,
He gives a silly, silly smirk,
And plans to leave his book behind,
For new adventures he can find.

Then, from the pages he will peek,
To see if we are fast asleep,
And he will dance around the room,
In shadows of the harvest moon.

And elfin folk will join him there,
With reddish cheeks and golden hair,
And they'll make trouble 'til it's light,
Then hide away until the night.

So, if you look upon a shelf,
And find a book about an elf,
Be careful how you turn each page,
A tiny elf you might uncage.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

Random House

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