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The Rights Of A Child

A child has a right to be happy and loved,
Be safe and protected from harm,
Be cradled in arms that will sacrifice all,
Be free from all stress and alarm.

Deserving of food when he's hungry and cold,
To live in a world without fear,
To spend happy moments in effortless play,
To know that his parents are near.

So many today never know this to be,
They live like a bird on a wire,
For love and protection has vanished from them,
They live on the edge of a fire.

And millions of others, before they are born,
Snuffed out in the blink of an eye,
When women who say they have rights of their own,
Decide if they live or they die.

All children are precious, a gift from above,
Those with us and those yet unborn,
And how they are treated is all up to us,
Protect them, for we have been warned.

"Offend one small child", the scripture has said,
"And it would be better for thee,
That you have a millstone be placed on your neck,
And drowned in the depths of the sea".

Strong words you may say, but they come from our God,
A serious matter with Him,
For every small child has God-given rights,
Denying them would be a sin.

He said, "Let the children all come unto Me,
And hinder them not in their way,
For all of the kingdom of Heaven is theirs",
Let's guide them so they will not stray.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

Random House

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