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I'm 86 Years Old Today

I'm 86 years old today,
And look back on my life,
I raised a couple real great kids,
And had a loving wife.

A little house to call my own,
A yard in which to putter,
But now I'm slowly wearing down,
My mind at times will stutter.

Remembering things from distant past,
Forgetting yesterday.
Like, did my children come to visit?
I can't really say.

These days I think about the past,
And things that I have done,
The many battles I have fought,
The many races run.

I may not know what day it is,
Or what I did last week,
I know that I fulfilled my life,
And that it is complete.

And now I'm really getting old,
And soon I'll be in Heaven,
But if I don't see God this year,
………then I'll turn 87.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

Random House


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