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By David Ronald Bruc...

Childhood Memories

Childhood left some years ago
When I became a man,
But even so I can't help but remember,
Lazy days spent hiking,
And walking in the woods,
When summer days would stretch until September.

Building cities in the dirt,
And wrestling with my dog,
Homemade bows and arrows made by hand,
Houses in the treetops,
And tadpoles in the pond,
Climbing trees and acting like Tarzan.

Those days are distant memories now,
And life's got so much harder,
But every now and then it takes me back,
And once again we're running bases,
Eating treats with dirty faces,
Skipping rocks and playing on the tracks.

I'm glad I have those memories now,
They are a priceless treasure,
And now from time to time when I get old,
I'll think about those softer days,
And in my sleep I'll run away,
And once again my childhood will unfold.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul

Random House


By David Ronald Bruc...
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