Consider These Factors Before Selecting Your Egg Donor

Have you made the decision to go for an IVF through egg donation? Choosing an egg donor is a process in itself and may take weeks until you make a choice. An egg donor has to go through a lot of screenings before they can donate eggs, but there might be a few important aspects that you may want to consider as parents too. Here are a few important things you might want to take into account before selecting your egg donor.

What is Egg Donation?

The process of gestational surrogacy involves planting the embryo using the egg and sperm from intended parents into the surrogate mother. Sometimes, due to medical conditions, the intended mother is unable to provide the eggs and the eggs have to be donated by a donor or the surrogate mother herself. So, if you are going for egg donation, you will have important things to consider before you select an egg donor, as she will be genetically linked to your baby.

Do you know anyone among family or friends who would donate their eggs for you?

It is always safe to consider a family member as an egg donor. That way, the baby will be of the same appearance and background. If you decide to go outside the family, you will have to look for a donor with a similar background to yours, similar appearance, eye color, race etc. We can provide you with donor database and then it will completely be the decision of the intended parents as to which donor they want to go with.

Medical History of the donor

For your child’s healthy future, you have to make sure you conduct all medical tests of the donor. Medical history will play a major role in your child’s well-being. Tests like HIV and genetic disorders are a must have. Take into account how the donors medical history in combination with your partners can affect the child. You would also want to consider the blood type of the donor. Another important screening to do is look for habits like smoking, alcoholism, drugs etc. before your egg donation process.

Intelligence and personality tests?

You can look for a certain IQ level in your egg donor if you want your child to be of a certain intelligence. Obviously, nothing is guaranteed, but there’s no harm in trying if you have the means and options. You might also take into account few personality traits that are a sure ‘no’ for you, for example, stubborn, wrong attitude, distracted, messy etc.

To sum to all up, surrogates is a tiresome process as the donor has to undergo treatments and tests. The medications provided during the fertility cycle can cause headaches, mood swings etc. So when you pick an egg donor, they need to be willing to undergo the treatments and have to truly commit to the time-consuming process.

June 13, 2018

Supplements and Herbs to Boost Fertility

Diet and lifestyle change are two of the effective factors included in the natural fertility treatment. Using supplements and herbs can also increase the fertility rate, as effective as the other two. One of the most important supplements known to increase fertility is the cod liver oil. This is also a good supplement that can promote a healthy pregnancy as well as with the development of the baby.

            There are different herbs and supplements that are popular in increasing fertility, depending on culture, and where you are from. But according to some research on natural fertility treatment, aside from cod liver oil, these are the most recommended herbs for boosting your fertility. But before you take these supplements, it is important to consult with your doctor first to avoid any complications with your plan to conceive in the future.

The Herbs for Fertility Boost

            There’s a lot of choices when it comes to herbs and supplements for fertility and pregnancy. But here are the most recommended choices for most people who want to increase their fertility rate.

  • Red raspberry Leaf. Best herb for pregnancy
  • Nettle Leaf. High in mineral content, can reduce stress, and a uterine tonic.
  • Dandelion. Has Vitamins A and C and trace minerals. It cleanses the body from toxins.
  • Alfalfa. Has Vitamins A, D, E, and K with eight digestive enzymes.
  • Red Clover. Known to balance hormones and can restore fertility.
  • Maca. This is a hormone balancing herb.
  • Vitex or Chaste Tree Berry. Can help lengthen the luteal phase and a very good choice to increase fertility.

Before taking these herbs, it is best if you have the approval of your doctor. Remember NOT to take these herbs in combination with your fertility drugs, hormone treatments, diagnostic allergy and other hormonal birth control medications. If you want to incorporate these herbs with your other medication or supplements, consult your healthcare provider about your case and always do your research.

December 8, 2017

Know more about the parenting tips and its necessities

According to the universal fact, the dads are the person who may not spend more time with their children. The children become naughty at their child hood. All well grown up teens may have the stupid and naughty childhood. It is the duty of their parents to mold them to the right way. By the way, the parenting is not such an easy task to undertake. It takes many compromises between your partner and many dealings that may make you to have chaos.

With the help of some parenting tips from your elders, you can make things under your concern. The tips given by them may help you at only some instances. The parenting is the method where you may learn things by your own with your child as your mentor. The children can perform stupid and naughty things, which no mature can even think about.

They may get excite for even little things. According to them, the world is a new thing. The parents should be their guide in making the world familiar with them. Even the dads are also responsible in dealing with the children’s career. The children may provide you with the right lesson and they may provide you with many new things.

Parenting is the thing which never fades away when your children grows on. The responsibility of being a parent may increase your risk. It also helps you to know more unknown things in parenting. Being a parent is never a bore task on aspect to my experience. Be sure in dealing with your kid with the spectacular knowledge with you.

Children may have diagnostic knowledge in their starting age. It may make them to know unknown things often. Online blogs may provide you with the different dimensions in making things common. Choose the right one and gain some inspiring facts about parenting.

May 12, 2017