Gangnam Room Salons: A VIP Services Experience

Some people spend their entire lives saving for retirement. Others don’t mind spending hard-earned money to buy a luxury car or vacation home, but the most prestigious purchase one can make is still the best-kept secret.

One such secret can be found in Gangnam, where you’ll find some of the most luxurious salon offerings. You may have heard South Korea’s wealthiest citizens enjoy this service, but you probably think there must be a catch. The truth is that these services are offered at affordable prices, and they come with VIP treatment as well as unlimited time with hot girls who know how to put in work (without any touching involved).

So how does this work exactly? Let me start by telling you that the first step is finding a local salon. These are mainly found in the neighborhoods bordered by Apgujeong and Gangnam, but I’ve once spent a whole afternoon window shopping in upscale neighborhoods like Sinsa to find nothing. A local salon has 7-12 seats at most, with a private 룸싸롱 available for 4-8 people. That’s it. No need to wonder, “where do they have 7-12 seats?” or “how do they limit the number of people in one room?” as these are clearly written on the board behind you now. You’ll also be able to find out the price for the service and time for the beauty treatment.

Once you’ve decided on a local salon, you can schedule an appointment by calling anytime during business hours (probably 9:30 AM-9PM). The next step is straightforward. You go to the salon wearing your favorite brand of clothes, glasses, and accessories. Even if you’re shabby, you won’t have to worry about impressing anyone because many girls go up on stage once they see newcomers in their office. You could even skip this step and go there looking like you’re on your way to a funeral.


Once you get there, you’ll be greeted by the guard at the door. He might ask for your ID, but only after taking a photo of you with his phone. Once that’s done, he’ll ask if he can speak to his manager. The manager will come out and welcome you into their office, asking what would make you want their service and wasting no time offering a desk in their private room where they can seat up to 10 people at most.

Finally, you’ll be escorted to the private room by three-five girls who will introduce themselves by name. You’ll also receive a menu detailing everything they have to offer. Tell them if you’re unsure what you want, and they’ll ask if you want a regular session, a VIP session with extra service, or a “Gangnam Style” session.

Suppose you’ve seen a music video or movie that shares the same name. In that case, it’s easy to understand that Gangnam Style is when one gets to spend an entire day with two hot girls, who are only allowed to care for your massage needs and clean your body for an extended period. This is literally like spa treatment in addition to a grooming service.

March 15, 2023

Buy Streaming Media Player Online – A Complete Guide

In earlier times, we had iPods and radios for streaming music. With the innovations and advancements of new technology, we got more choices like youtube, live streaming music players, mobiles, and more. However, these media players still have their drawbacks to getting our lifetime commitment. We often get distracted by advertisements, unnecessary notification bells, etc. So here is the alternative for your distraction-free music listening experience. The new streaming media player singapore brings you the authentic experience of live customized music listening venture.

Why The Streaming Media Player Is Better Than Any Mode Of Listening.

A music lover would love to buy this new music streaming device to enjoy unlimited, uninterrupted, free music all day.  The new streaming media player is a small portable device that carries all the music you require for your day. It is more like an iPod but with downloading facilities and live streaming music features.

The Streaming Media Players Are A Must Buy For Music Lover.

A streaming media player is not like any other device but is ultimately made for music and your favorite podcast. Mobiles and computers often interrupt your music listening time.  The media streaming player won’t do that. Its sole purpose is to provide your customized music playlist. You can download free music from any site and listen to music without interruption from mails or social media updates. This is a one-time buy and with no hassle.

These are the non-android product. Get yourself an SD card, download your favorite tracks, and enjoy unlimited free music sessions anywhere.

September 11, 2022

Why Do People Love Visiting Haunted Houses?

There’s an evidence to say that scary stories or homes are told and visited as an entertainment for years. But, haunted homes haven’t been around for long, and started only to get prominence in last century. Getting scared is the feeling that many people generally tend to stay totally away from in case they will help it. But, for some many, fear and adrenaline rush, which comes with frightened feeling is very good.

The most extreme haunted houses in Ohio provide their guests an amazing place to get scared whereas offering sense of security. Also, they are so much fun especially when you know that there is not any real risk of getting harmed.

Use your imagination

Scariest haunted house in Ohio

In a haunted home, only can you understand your inner fear and horror flick character. No matter whether you feel to be a blonde chick that runs, screams, and buys in a first scene, token black guy, sexy actor, you get the chance to channel this character & ham it up.

And this is what haunted house does. They are there to scare the people. An idea behind the haunted home isn’t new— people have got entertained with such spooky stories for years—though haunted houses are a bit different. The tradition cannot exist without Halloween and Halloween will not be same without it.

For variety among the haunted houses and attractions in the industry speak, majority of the fundamentals stay the same. They all share one common goal at an end of a night — scare everyone who walks over it.

May 27, 2022

Four Great Reasons To Hire Rental Sound System Singapore

A professional sound System may vary in size from a tiny unit suited to a house sofa directly through to a strong hifi that could fill a concert hall full with a intricate laser light display! Services can consist of stage hire, PA hire, stereo speaker employ and a lighting system to actually add pizzazz to event. A professional Experienced dealer will make certain that their customers enjoy the exact same level of service irrespective of how small or large their requirements. The basic hire service Is basically a non-staffed rental where customers collect all of the equipment they need for your event, use it and return it following the event. When you hire staff Together with the gear, this includes the assistance of an experienced engineer who will be responsible for the installation, operation as well as the dismantling of the equipment. You can even connect Your notebook computer, iPod or MP3 player to the PA sound system and you are ready to begin dancing! The PA system can be Used for different occasions, functions, clubs, parties and a lot more events at fair prices. The services include installation guides, power cords, an expert back-up team, higher excellent fidelity, low to high volume of noise and everything suited to the requirements of the function.

sound system rental singapore

Here are four Compelling reasons why you need to hire a sound system for any party that you are planning to hold.

  • By using the services of a reliable provider of sound system solutions, you may enjoy the competitive pricing together with the satisfaction you will achieve in the occasion and your provider will always find a better way to supply a suitable solution based on your requirements and preferences
  • Once you decide to employ the services of a sound system rental singapore, you will have different options available to Choose from as these professionals can provide you with a wide range of gear that you can use to create your party setting
  • If you will need to hire speakers or microphones for a celebration, you will be supplied with superior quality gear. Naturally, if you want advice on the right equipment to make your party truly amazing, these skilled professionals may recommend customized gear according to your individual needs and tastes
  • Last but not least, you can be assured of top of the range music gear that will provide the best audio and lighting functionality available so as to make any party genuinely outstanding at a Reasonable Price

The old style audio system with its speaker enclosures and number of elements is now a prehistoric curiosity when compared with the modern system. Regardless of strong competition over the past 15 years, new sound system rental businesses are emerging all over the planet. It is their widespread knowledge of the sound system rental business and outstanding customer support that make the business name to take into account. All those who would like to buy or take the sound systems on lease would be smart to use their broad experience of audio system software as a sound system might require quite elaborate and complex technology.

December 13, 2018