What Are The Most Effective Ways To Use Instagram For Employee Advocacy?

It’s tough to stay ahead of the marketing game these days with social media, and many brands are finding that they need to provide more and better content on these platforms in order to stand out. Instagram has long been a popular platform for brands, as users love being able to see photos that they otherwise might not be able to view, making this social media site an excellent place for brand promotion. Here are the most effective ways to use Instagram for employee advocacy.


One of the most common ways to see content on Instagram is through a “follow” or “unfollow” function. By doing this, you allow your business to follow other people and companies on Instagram who share and interact with the same type of content that you do, allowing your business to find an audience that shares the same values as yours. This can be used in several ways, including engaging with and commenting on the posts of existing customers. If you’re looking to grow your Instagram following quickly, Goread.io is a great option.

Showing off your brand

Another important aspect of following/unfollowing is being able to show off the work that you’ve done in a visible manner to interested users. This will help users understand your brand and what it stands for, which can also help you find potential customers or clients.


Promoting new content

Encouraging engagement with your posts can be done by posting brand content that people would like to see on their own feeds, while also encouraging people to share content with one another, effectively increasing the potential reach of your posts.

Managing your filters

Another important aspect of Instagram is managing the way that your photos are filtered. Color tones, brightness levels and saturation are all aspects that can be altered to better suit your needs.

Collaborating with other businesses/related businesses on Instagram

Collaborating with other businesses on Instagram can have several advantages, including providing mutual exposure and helping both companies grow their audience. It’s also a great way to learn more about the company and their products, while also providing recommendations for potential customers.

Featured content

One of the more popular aspects of Instagram is featured content, where the user’s followers are able to see a post from someone in their feed, making them seem like a friend and essentially showing your brand off to the people who follow you. This can be done by asking users for promotions or suggestions, as well as creating pages where your followers can interact with one another, which is a great way to help build your network on Instagram.