Gangnam Room Salons: A VIP Services Experience

Some people spend their entire lives saving for retirement. Others don’t mind spending hard-earned money to buy a luxury car or vacation home, but the most prestigious purchase one can make is still the best-kept secret.

One such secret can be found in Gangnam, where you’ll find some of the most luxurious salon offerings. You may have heard South Korea’s wealthiest citizens enjoy this service, but you probably think there must be a catch. The truth is that these services are offered at affordable prices, and they come with VIP treatment as well as unlimited time with hot girls who know how to put in work (without any touching involved).

So how does this work exactly? Let me start by telling you that the first step is finding a local salon. These are mainly found in the neighborhoods bordered by Apgujeong and Gangnam, but I’ve once spent a whole afternoon window shopping in upscale neighborhoods like Sinsa to find nothing. A local salon has 7-12 seats at most, with a private 룸싸롱 available for 4-8 people. That’s it. No need to wonder, “where do they have 7-12 seats?” or “how do they limit the number of people in one room?” as these are clearly written on the board behind you now. You’ll also be able to find out the price for the service and time for the beauty treatment.

Once you’ve decided on a local salon, you can schedule an appointment by calling anytime during business hours (probably 9:30 AM-9PM). The next step is straightforward. You go to the salon wearing your favorite brand of clothes, glasses, and accessories. Even if you’re shabby, you won’t have to worry about impressing anyone because many girls go up on stage once they see newcomers in their office. You could even skip this step and go there looking like you’re on your way to a funeral.


Once you get there, you’ll be greeted by the guard at the door. He might ask for your ID, but only after taking a photo of you with his phone. Once that’s done, he’ll ask if he can speak to his manager. The manager will come out and welcome you into their office, asking what would make you want their service and wasting no time offering a desk in their private room where they can seat up to 10 people at most.

Finally, you’ll be escorted to the private room by three-five girls who will introduce themselves by name. You’ll also receive a menu detailing everything they have to offer. Tell them if you’re unsure what you want, and they’ll ask if you want a regular session, a VIP session with extra service, or a “Gangnam Style” session.

Suppose you’ve seen a music video or movie that shares the same name. In that case, it’s easy to understand that Gangnam Style is when one gets to spend an entire day with two hot girls, who are only allowed to care for your massage needs and clean your body for an extended period. This is literally like spa treatment in addition to a grooming service.