What is Tofu?

Tofu is an increasingly popular food on Italian tables . Let’s see together what it is, what its origins are and how its production takes place press tofu .

Tofu, often referred to as “vegetable cheese”, is one of the most common soy derivatives . Precisely for this reason it is rich in proteins and is often substituted for animal proteins.

Until recently, tofu was called soy cheese , but then, with the introduction of the law that a product of vegetable origin cannot be called cheese .

Having a delicate taste it is very versatile and it is possible to use it in many dishes. Among the many properties of tofu , this product is also  cholesterol-free and has very little saturated fat , in fact, it is often recommended in slimming diets.  Tofu is also lactose-free, vegan and low in salt. It is definitely a viable alternative to the classic animal-derived cheese and can be used for many quick foods.

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Tofu and benefits

What are the benefits of this nutrient-rich food, tofu? And what, on the other hand, are the contraindications of excessive intake?

Speaking of benefits, there is a large content of antioxidant flavonoids, essential for fighting free radicals. Starting from this we see a list of beneficial properties of tofu :

Low -calorie and low-sodium: as already highlighted, tofu contains little sodium and few calories, which makes it a perfect food for overweight people, suffering from metabolic syndrome or for those who are hypertensive;

Hypocholesterolemic : tofu contains lecithin, as well as all soy derivatives, which reduces blood cholesterol levels and rebalances plasma lipid concentrations;

Estrogenic activity : tofu contains isoflavones, polyphenolic compounds that produce effects similar to estrogens useful for reducing many of the ailments related to menopause..