Used mobile phones, the new frontier of business

This has been made possible above all thanks to the speed in which increasingly cutting-edge smartphones are made and with spectacular features that literally enchant consumers. The fact of wanting the newly released phone at all costs generates a huge amount of unused phones that can be safely sold as guaranteed used. All this evolution generates a strong increase in the sale of new smartphones … but what happens to the previous ones? We are not talking about 100/200 phones suddenly “abandoned” but about billions of perfectly functioning smartphones with advanced technical features that are simply replaced, not due to malfunctions but because they have “gone out of fashion” iphone price singapore.

Another fundamental aspect that should not be underestimated is the value that smartphones have today, economically speaking, even after 1 year: if a new phone costs around 1000 euros ( see here ), after only 1 or 2 years of use it can be quietly sold as used for 600/700 euros (a good amount if we consider that it is a phone that we no longer want).

And so we have understood why more and more companies decide to base their business on second-hand used mobile phones. A business that should not be underestimated and which for some years has been achieving excellent results on a global scale.

The operation of these companies is very simple: you buy a damaged or faulty phone, repair it both internally and externally (display, body, buttons, etc), restore all the factory settings (return exactly to the settings that were present at the time of the first purchase) and is resold at reduced prices. Basically you get a phone like new at prices that are significantly advantageous for the consumer.