What are the tools to use for cleaning our four-legged friends?

First of all the Dog grooming near me generic ones, which are good for every type of dog: disposable gloves, towels, cotton balls, ear cleaning solution, toothbrush, dog nail clippers and a special shampoo, without forgetting some tasty snacks Brickell dog grooming.

Some long-haired dogs, however, need more specific tools for their care, such as a brush with rounded plastic teeth or a rake comb (this can be indicated for all breeds, as it allows you to check that the skin is healthy and free of parasites), as well as a shampoo that can soften the hair.

Dog biscuits are absolutely necessary to keep Fido good and to reward him when he shows patience: it is important to keep a small supply nearby while you proceed with your DIY Dog grooming near me; do not forget to accompany everything with reassuring words to make him feel at ease with him.

After you’ve got the supplies, brushed your fur and cleaned your ears , it’s time to continue your grooming at home with a nice bath : make sure the surface of the tub is not slippery by placing an old towel or non-slip mat on the bottom, then adjust the water so that it is not too hot and fill the tub. Do not make sudden gestures so as not to scare your dog, introduce him gently into the water. It is important that it does not move too much while you wash it, so if necessary buy a leash that attaches with a suction cup or something else above the tub.

To wet it you can use a hand shower or a basin with which to gently let the water flow down from above, in case you are afraid of the direct jet. Once wet, proceed with the shampoo and if necessary use it diluted, always staying away from eyes and nose; soap it gently starting from the neck downwards, up to the legs, on which it is usually necessary to go over several times. Sometimes the head is a problem, so it is useful to use a sponge or a soapy towel.

Once the shampoo is done, rinse it off carefully using the same tools as before, until the foam disappears completely.