Picking a Lovebird – Selecting Your Perfect Bird

Is a lovebird for you? If so, you may be wondering which bird would be the perfect match. Lovebirds are often referred to as ‘soul mates’ and while we all want to find our perfect soul mate, that’s not exactly easy. We can all agree that a lovebird that is compatible with our personalities and lifestyle is definitely a good choice.

It’s important to find the right bird for your home, and a lovebird may be your perfect match. However, there are many other considerations to take into account before choosing a lovebird. Before you even consider getting a lovebird, you should know that lovebirds are different from each other and it’s important to understand this before you go any further.

All lovebirds are not the same

Before you decide to get a lovebird, it’s important to know that there are several different types of lovebirds. There are the two most commonly known breeds: the cockatiel and the budgerigar. If you are looking for a bird that will help you relax and unwind, then you might be interested in a cockatiel. This tiny, feathered friend is often referred to as the ‘gentle giant’ of birds.

For some people, it’s the little things that count. They’d rather spend their time with a tiny friend that will make them laugh and enjoy their company. types of lovebirds are often quieter than other birds and are therefore a good choice for apartment dwellers who love peace and quiet. The Cockatiel is often described as being like a little terrier because of its energy and determination.