How to Choose the Best Mop for Your Floor?

Mopping or cleaning a tile or stones fixed floor is easy to clean for any person. The difficulty arises when they need to clean the laminate floor. The tools used mainly are the mops to wipe away the dust and debris on the floor. However, you need to choose the best mop for laminate floors as all of its kinds aren’t suitable to clean them properly.

Before you opt to buy the mopping appliance, best to know more about this kind of floor. A laminate floor is a synthetic wooden floor mainly used to provide the classic rustic kind of décor. The aura of the floor matches the furniture and light fixtures. Thus, remains the favorite floor of all. The floor feels cool in summer and warm in winter, thus good for the natives of the region where many extreme climatic conditions can be experienced. The only issue is that it takes lots of effort for efficient cleaning of the floor. It is because there are gaps between the wooden planks of the floor and there are high chances of the floor getting scratched easily.

Few kinds of mops that are suitable to use on the laminate floor are:

  • The mop should be made of soft cotton or microfiber material. It is because the fibers are sturdy and won’t scratch the floor.
  • The mop material needs to be easily squeezed of water to eliminate wetness.
  • Sponges or rubber mops would keep the floor wet, resulting in spoiling the texture of the wood.

You can use a steam mop or use water spray mop to clean the floors. There are ample kinds of best mop for laminate floors available in the online market.