Finding the Best Ergonomic Office Chair That Offers Good Back Support

Working in the office generally involves spending huge amount of time sitting at one place in your office chair – the position that can add stress to your spine structures. Thus, to avoid developing and compounding any back issues, it is very important you invest in the good office chair singapore, which is ergonomic & supports your lower back & promotes the posture. Here are some factors that you need to consider:

Height Adjustable

You must adjust height of the office chair as per your height. For the optimal comfort, you must get seated so your thighs will be horizontal to floor. Search for the pneumatic adjustment lever that will allow you bring your seat higher up and lower.

Seat Dimensions

You need the chair large to accommodate the body. You must pick the seat, which is narrow, and you can feel constrained on the daily basis. Alternatively, roomy fit is not ideal either. The deep chair can cause individuals to hunch ahead, whereas too wide the seat can make this a bit uncomfortable to use the chair’s armrests.

Kind of chair

Next consideration is a type of chair that you want. There’re a lot of different designs, and workspace may dictate requirements. For instance, do you have little space & small desk? Or even the standing desk? In case so, there’re the compact task chairs, and stool-type seats that can be your bet in such case. There are chair designs that do not have any armrests, and might not have the headrest.