Scope of Art Direction: Illustration and Designing

Want to learn what illustration is, how it works, why it’s used, its types and their uses and how it affects art direction and advertising industry, then read the article given below;

An illustration is any art, painting, sketch, graffiti, drawing or any visual craft which serve to back and conveying the idea, text or written element more prominently to its viewers for magazines, flyers, newspapers, or any print or visual media is an illustration.

Relation between illustration and art direction

Before heading towards relation between illustration and art direction Singapore, learning about what art direction is very important. So let’s continue with the art direction first.

Art Direction, this task involves leading and managing a team of illustrators, developers and designers working on a creative project. The work of art director is like a supervisor/ manager or department head who supervises and motivates the team of illustrators, artists, designers etc working on a specific project of a video game, advertisement, TV shows, etc.

So hereby, there’s no denial that illustration and art direction Singapore are codependent on each other as they both fulfill the requirements of each other. An illustrator can be a freelancer who is an individual and works on his will.

Illustrators and art directors major role is to fulfill the demands and desires of their clients meanwhile not losing the smallest opportunity to show their creativity and talent to the world. To learn more about illustration and art direction, feel free to access this URL: