Water purification at home

The number of households using water purifier hong kong has been growing for years. Others think that this is not necessary because the drinking water quality in many countries is very high.In fact, our tap water goes through a very complex treatment process and is regularly checked for microbiological or chemical contamination. Nevertheless, it can happen that drinking water contains chemical compounds that can be harmful to health. For technical and economic reasons, the analyzes in the waterworks must be limited to the most common contaminants. In addition, the water can absorb and transport harmful substances on its way through outdated pipelines or when passing through leaks.

If you filter your water at home, you can eliminate such risks, ensure more safety yourself and enjoy delicious, pure water day after day.  A house water filter does not remove undesirable chemical substances such as chlorine or hydrocarbon compounds. To remove these potentially dangerous or taste-impairing substances, you should install activated carbon filters or reverse osmosis filters in the kitchen and bathroom to water filtration system your tap water.

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a comparatively new process. To purify the water, it is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane’s fine pores only allow water molecules to pass through. Coarser particles, molecular compounds and ions of dissolved minerals are filtered out. The result is very pure water. However, there are disadvantages to cleaning drinking water in this way. In addition to harmful substances, valuable minerals are also filtered out, which the human organism needs in order to function properly.

Another disadvantage is the low pH value of the so-called osmosis water. The water filtered by reverse osmosis has a pH value of around 6. Drinking water should be slightly alkaline. That means the pH should be between 7.0 and 8.5. Acid osmosis water is less well tolerated by sensitive consumers and can attack the surfaces of metallic water pipes.