Sturdy species:

There are millions of species of plants that are available all over the globe and they grow in different weather conditions and climate zones. What grows well in the tropics might not do so well in the temperate conditions and vice versa. The versatile have to be chosen if you live in a climate which is a mix of the two like hot and cold weathers that might go to the extremes of each other.  In such conditions you have to make a choice where plants that can withstand heat and cold are planted in order to keep them safer no matter what the weather is. This prevents the mortality of the plants due to extreme climatic zones that are found across the globe.

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They are versatile:

  • There are several species of plants that are suited for a range of climates like the Indian blanket which is an exotic species and adds to the variety of the garden.
  • The black eyed Susan is yet another species which looks like a flower but it is actually a sun flower species that can be grown in both the climatic habitats.
  • The tufted evening primrose can be grown all through the year and adds warmth to the garden at all times.
  • The morning glory is a vine or a climber that is so beautiful to look at and it is a very attractive plant to grow in any garden.
  • The choice of these plants can give you the satisfaction that you can have a garden that is in full bloom all around the year and with the plants that can withstand heat and cold you will never have a dull garden but a vibrant one.