The opening mechanism

The safes have different types of locking systems: lock with key, mechanical combination, electronic combination, key and mechanical combination, key and electronic combination. Locking with a key is certainly one of the cheapest methods, but it poses the problem of managing the key: you will have to identify a safe place in which to keep it that is not near the safe and that cannot be easily guessed by a possible thief. Carrying the key with you at all times could solve the problem, but at the same time it can generate risks related to the possible loss or theft of the key. The closure with mechanical combination lock does not present key management problems, as it works by means of a combination which, once set luxury jewelry safe.

Locks with combined systems, such as the one with key lock plus mechanical combination and the one with key lock plus electronic combination, offer a double protection system, adding both the advantages and disadvantages of the two mechanisms: increased security against possible attempts burglary, but also the task of keeping in mind the combination with the obligation to keep the key luxury watch winder safe.

For electronic combination models that run on batteries, Juwel explains that – in the event of a low battery – the BATTERY signal flashes on the safe display. After the signal appears, at least 50 openings are allowed before the system discharges completely. Even when the batteries are completely exhausted, you can use the supplied cable to connect the safe to an external power source. If the safe is connected to an external source, it is necessary to re-enter the secret code to ensure maximum security even in this particular case.