Interior Design – What is it?

Interior design, or even interior architecture, concerns the design of spaces and furnishings of an interior environment down to the smallest detail (be it a private home, an office, a business or other)japanese style luxury homes.

Through a careful and targeted study such as that of interior design, it is possible to exploit every small space inside an apartment, transform a home to make it more comfortable and suitable for the needs of those who live there, creating new and flexible environments and working on the style, on the materials, on the colors, on the typology and arrangement of the furnishings japanese home design.

Today, a key theme of interior design, beyond the design of spaces, is the continuous search for sustainable design solutions, through the study and use of recyclable materials and alternative energies, with the final aim of minimizing the ‘environmental impact.

The figure of the interior designer is not simply a passing fashion, but is a professional who has good knowledge of the history of art, architecture and design, as well as excellent technical skills in the use of programs such as photoshop, illustrator, autoCAD 2D and 3D etc.

Even in the past we find many architects who have dealt with interior design, master of organic architecture who revolutionized the concept of living and designing the house, studying it as a single organism closely connected with nature and the environment in which it is built.

In this house, as in many of his other buildings, Wright also designs, studies and designs the furnishings, which take on a precise and different style in each room. Everything is studied in detail to express harmony and order: colors, materials, shapes, lights, etc.