How millennials are saving on rent during COVID-19

As work from home is continuing to function, so storage rental Singapore has come to their rescue. This storage rental is housing the precious belongings of the people who are renting the accommodations in their cities.

Due to the lockdown, the offices have been shut and working professionals are going back to their hometowns for work from home. Many are realizing that it would be economical to give up the rented accommodation for the duration they are in their hometown. But what about their luggage like appliances, furniture, and other household goods. This is where the self-storage facilities are coming in handy. In the US, it is a 50 billion industry and now it is picking up at a high speed in Singapore. Several storage facilities have opened in the lockdown. These storage rentals are very high in demand.

Storage rental has seen the highest increase in a pandemic. This facility has started in multiple locations within a month. There are various vendors also involved in providing this facility. For facilitating faster service, the estimation online system has been started via website/app. This industry was growing in an unpredictable pattern which includes relocating luggage to people, renovating houses, migration of professionals and students, etc.

Various companies are also taking this storage rental for storing their office equipment as they are giving away their rented space. Most of the people are still working from home as companies want their employees to be safe.