Application areas artificial turf

At present, the modern types of artificial turf are used more frequently indoors and outdoors. Artificial turf can be used in many ways as greening, resilient flooring or wall cladding.

  • Permanent artificial green wall surfaces in private gardens, front gardens and inner courtyards as well as on balconies, terraces and roof terraces look well-groomed all year round. The UV resistance enables it to be used as a green roof.
  • Its soft, shock-absorbing property makes it ideal as a base for sports equipment. When used in playgrounds, the lawn carpet prevents or reduces injuries.
  • When camping, as a border for pools or underlay for swimming pools, an artificial turf carpet prevents unnecessary soiling.
  • Wind and privacy screens, facades, fences and walls that are clad with artificial turf bring more green to everyday living.
  • Graves covered with artificial turf minimize the amount of maintenance required and look well looked after.
  • In the commercial sector, artificial turf is becoming more popular in the green wall outdoors areas of hotels, shops and offices. Used as a wear-resistant floor covering, visual accents in various colors can be set on trade fair stands and exhibition areas.

Convincing properties

Artificial turf owes its increasing popularity to these three important properties:

  • Artificial turf is amazingly hard-wearing and clearly superior to natural turf in this regard.
  • The modern premium artificial turf types look real in every season. Artificial turf types can hardly be distinguished from real turf.
  • The low maintenance requirement of the artificial turf saves time and money.