Aluminium Extrusion helps in Producing Various Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium profiles are widely used in so many industries. The process which produces these profiles is an aluminium extrusion. With this process, various profiles of different shapes and structures are produced.  These profiles are used majorly in the construction, building and automobile industry. Aluminium profiles are resistant to all weather conditions like high heat, heavy rains, etc. These are highly resistant to corrosion. Because of this durability of the product increases. This is the reason why it is used widely in the construction and automobile industries. Companies in aluminium extrusion singapore produce different shapes of aluminium profiles.

These profiles are used for doors, windows, shafts, vehicles, railings, sports products, etc. When compared to other products like wood or plastic these products are more durable. This makes these profiles used widely in every field. The process of how these profiles are made can be explained further.

Aluminium Extrusion Process

First, the die is preheated and then loaded in the extrusion press. Then a block of aluminium called billet is cut and preheated. This makes it ready for the extrusion process. After that billet is transferred to the extrusion press. The lubricant is added to the billet which helps this billet from sticking. Then this billet is loaded in the extrusion press. When pressure is applied it fills the container along with the die. With continuous pressing, aluminium will emerge out as a profile. Oncethis extrusion extends in full length, it is cut from the extrusion process. These are cooled to room temperature. Now, these are ready for use.

These profiles are majorly done in three shapes. They are solid, hollow and semi-solid. All these are transferred to various industries for manufacturing products.