The Must-Visit Shop For Chocolate In Singapore

In 2006, the first Laurent Bernard Chocolatier store in Singapore opened its doors, signalling the start of a chocolate revolution in the city-state. Laurent Bernard dreamed of bringing artisan chocolate to Singapore. After earning multiple accolades for best chocolate, best brand, and best chocolate cake, my spirit remains the same, enthusiastic and bright, and I’m on a search for perfection that melds graceful sincerity.’

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier offers a variety of delectably elegant boxed chocolates for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. These chocolate assortments come in a variety of sizes to meet your and your friends and family’s needs. You won’t be able to resist whether you love dark or milk chocolate, truffles or pralinés. Laurent Bernard, the chef and chocolatier from France, attentively supervises the production of our chocolates. These boxed chocolates are the ideal way to show your thoughts on any occasion. This is a must-visit chocolate shop singapore that should be on your list.

The Ultimate French Way

Each piece of chocolate is designed meticulously with precision and quality. One can vouch for the distinct, priceless taste of such extraordinary items. 


From Bali to Madagascar, Venezuela to Peru, there’s something for everyone. I only choose the best cacao beans; to me, they’re more than just cacao beans; they’re the consequence of a long history, a bond between the tree and the planters. To achieve environmental sustainability, communities must have better lives, farmers must produce quality rather than quantity. They make sure the diversity is preserved.