All about ISO 14001:2015 at CCIS Singapore


ISO 14001:2015 is a standard as well as a level for environmental management. A new Environmental Management System (EMS) can be implemented or converted from an existing system. For example, the iso 14001 singapore is an EMS that assists companies in managing environmental challenges such as pollutionand  resource conservation. It outlines criteria to help your organization identify ecological aspects of your operations, goods, and services and ensure that your organization complies with relevant legal requirements.

It was initially published in 1996 and is intended to enable an organization to show to all interested parties that it has an efficient environmental management system (EMS).

For the most part, ISO 14001:2015 enables a company to proactively avoid, regulate, influence, enhance its environmental elements so that they may be eliminated, reduced, reused, and recycled continuously – therefore safeguarding public health and safety and conserving the environment.

The advantages of implementing ISO 14001:2015

  • Reduction in the number of pollutants entering the environment
  • Conserve resources whenever possible.
  • Savings for the Corporation
  • The observance of all necessary legal requirements
  • The company’s branding and image should be positive.

Due to the following factors, this is the case:

  • Green-Partnership, client needs, Green-Reporting & Corporate Social Responsibility, are all priorities to meet the company’s goals.
  • To decrease the likelihood of environmental prosecution – with no breach of ecological statutes or regulations
  • To obtain or maintain market share by becoming a member of the Green Partners – as a competitive advantage versus other businesses
  • To promote a clean and environmentally friendly business image among regulators, consumers, and the general public
  • To decrease the cost of wasting by discovering ways to save resources
  • To reduce pollution and waste management concerns and increase profits by increasing profits


CCIS offers consulting services to help your organization navigate through the stages of development, implementation, and trial audit, among other things. In addition, we assist customers with the application process for the CDG award.