Should you wear a mask every time you leave the house?

It depends where you go.

When you go wherever you may be with someone else, such as a grocery store, drug store, hospital, public transport, beauty salon, retail, and some restaurants, be sure to wear a surgical mask.

For what?

Small particles of dust, dirt, bacteria and viruses remain in the air for hours and the risk of inhaling them is very high if you do not wear face protection. Wearing a mask during a COVID outbreak when you don’t know someone is infected is the best protection against the virus and prevent the spread of infection you may not be aware of and therefore you can buy customized Valentines Days Face Masks online.

Voluntary use of masks

You can remove the mask if you are alone in your own vehicle, when you go out for a run or when you are at home.

If you live with other people, even if they are your friends and family, if they do not live in the same home as you, then you need to wear a protective mask. You’ll never know what places they visited, what surfaces they touched, or who they encountered before they came to you. If you are unsure and unsure if they are not sick, you may decide not to wear a mask.

Purchase a simple face mask for yourself

Why is it helpful to mask your new habit?

Some people like to wear masks, while others oppose the idea of ​​wearing masks for a variety of personal, medical and political reasons. According to studies around the world, wearing a mask is often helpful not only but only during the epidemic but whenever you are not at home

Masks protect you from harmful chemicals in the air, especially in high urban or highly industrialized cities.

Should your child wear a mask?

Yes, of course, but it depends on government regulations.

The child’s respiratory system continues to develop. Most children have weakened immune systems because their systems continue to develop with age. It is important to wear a customized Sports Facemasks to prevent your child from getting infected with viruses or bacteria, or even allergies.