Want to know about the corporate secretary service and their duties

According to the Singapore Organizations Act, if you are planning to open a new company in Singapore, then you have to hire a business Secretary within 6 months of incorporating your Singapore business. Company secretary will have a certain range of duties, they can be either Singapore citizen or permanent citizen they also must have some knowledge about the company act. The company secretary is appointed by the directors to take charge of all administration of a company. The company secretary has the following responsibilities,

  • Board meetings: They have to co-ordinate the company’s formal decision making and the reporting process. They have to take the minutes and maintain minute’s book they must also ensure correct procedures are followed.
  • Company constitution: The Corporate Secretary Singapore must ensure that the company compiles with its constitution, they should maintain statutory registers.
  • Share registration: They should maintain the company’s register of member, the secretary must attend the queries and request from the shareholders.
  • Shareholder communication: communicating with the shareholders about the payment of division and interest.

When you engage in corporate secretary service singapore you must have required documents such as Business Profile of the company, photocopy of identification, memorandum and articles. These documents can be submitted in the system and the relevant resolutions will be done to appoint the company secretary. Margin Wheeler provides the best company secretary service and they will collect all the details about the secretary and verify the documents. Once after all the paperwork has been prepared, the final documents can be prepared at your preferred timing.