Steps to Choose Time and Assistance Solutions

Here are steps to help you in the selection process:

1) Rate your current time and your assistance system.

The first step is to discover how your current time tracking system works and does not work. Look for areas of concern such as data entry errors, redundancy, obsolete processes and increased administrative overhead. During the analysis, be sure to look at the entire image. Consider creating a flowchart, this is an excellent way to understand and determine the current process, from hiring an employee to finishing a salary.

2) Set your goals.

Time Clock Wizard

Now that you have defined your current payroll process, you can set your goals for the new automated system. Consider the objectives of the system requirements, as well as the objectives of the organization. The objectives of the system requirements are closing requests, possible overtime indicators, lost time indicators, etc.

3) Calculate your expenses.

Make sure you have established all purchase costs. Consider the costs associated with hardware, software, installation, training and fixed costs.

4) Determine your return on investment.

The implementation of an automated assistance and time solution will immediately help reduce your labor costs. To calculate the reduction in payroll costs in your organization, consider the following: reduce payroll errors, reduce processing Time Clock Wizard and improve work reports.

5) Qualify and select a provider.

Start by creating a list of possible sources. Then, gather your payroll team, as this will provide different perspectives. Use your predefined goals and compare the features and benefits of the new time tracking software. Consider classifying each criterion on a scale of 1 to 5. Finally, review the company’s history, get recommendations and explore the customer service team.