Understanding VPS – The Basics

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which is basically a hybrid of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Lately, VPS hosting has been getting a lot of preference when compared to other dedicated or shared hosting services. But, still there are people/business owners who are confused on whether to opt for VPS hosting. If they are taking it, then from whom should they avail the service? If you want your own space that efficiently hosts their website, then VPS is a better choice. Also, if you want to keep your identity private, then offshore VPS hosting is the right option.

Now, what is VPS hosting?

As the name suggests, VPS is a virtual server that has it’s own operating system, bandwidth and disk space. The server acts just like a dedicated server, but is part of one physical server. The user gets to see his own virtual server space and can use it just like his own private dedicated server. The basic idea is that the one big physical server is divided into several virtual spaces, which has it’s own storage space, bandwidth and operating system.

Who uses VPS?

Most people who prefer a VPS server are those who want more control over their environment. There are some who would not really require all the services assured by VPS hosting, and can get all the requirements fulfilled by shared hosting. But they still opt for VPS hosting since it gives them more control. Then there are those who want to achieve certain specific, like saving their anonymity; they prefer the usage of offshore VPS hosting.

For people who want a dedicated server space, but are a bit cautious of the technological advancements, VPS hosting is a good starter to try out without spending a huge sum of money.