List of the Best 3D Animation Software

With the animation industry growing bigger and better every day, it’s only fair to see a large number of students and even adults take an interest in learning animation. You can visit Skillshare class to learn basics and even advanced techniques of animation. With the industry being this huge, naturally, there are also a lot of animation software that provides you with some of the best features. Today, we look at a few of such apps and why you should invest your time and learning one of these.

3DS Max and Maya:
Published by Autodesk, both of these apps are used by major animation studios and game developers to get the most accurate results possible. Even though 3DS Max has a lot of bugs and Maya crashes a bit too frequently, these apps are two of the best in the entire industry. The number of features and tools available are more than enough to make up for their downsides. Some of the features include 3D modeling, rigging and animation, rendering, camera sequencer and a lot more. However, one thing to note is, both of these apps are on a yearly based subscription plan, and it costs a lot to gain access to these apps.

Blender 3D:

Unlike the previous software, Blender is an open-source 3D animation app that is completely free to use. Blender is constantly being updated by students, artists and game developers all over the world. This includes all of the 3D pipelines like animation, rigging, video editing and even acts like a game engine. A lot of game developers prefer working with Blender as it supports Python language, which is the go-to language for game development. It also has a path tracer engine called ‘Cycles’ for better AI (Artificial Intelligence) pathfinding and real-time rendering. All in all, one of the best 3D animation software available, especially considering the fact that it’s absolutely free.

DAZ Studio:
DAZ is probably the easiest software to learn among all the others available in the market. Even though it has little support when it comes to game development, DAZ comes with a lot of inbuilt models and animation that a lot of newcomers can get into. DAZ also provides an option of buying extra models and animation if you’re willing to pay and buy from their marketplace. One of the best features of DAZ is the lip sync feature. You can input dialogues through your mic and the model can automatically detect and lip sync automatically. The results are mostly accurate, but you can always fine tune it manually. The best part is that DAZ Studio is completely free to use.

These are some of the best 3D animation software. I suggest you look up online for some more in-depth comparison and get started with whatever attracts you the most. You can always visit Skillshare class to learn more about animation.