Iso Fit – The Most Trusted Pilates Instructors For Prenatal and Post-Pregnancies

Exercise is very important while you are pregnant and after giving birth. Pregnancy can take a toll on your health and physical appearance, and if you are not careful, developing health problems would be possible. This is the reason why learning about the best exercise routine for pregnant women and visiting the best physiotherapist Hong Kong is a must to maintain a healthy body while you are pregnant and after you deliver the baby.

Prenatal Pilates

Prenatal exercise is the perfect low-impact pregnancy workout. When you are doing Pilates all throughout your pregnancy, it can help you feel relaxed during your delivery. Here are the most important benefits of Prenatal Pilates:

  • It strengthens your lower abdominal region to help support the growing baby and reduce lower back pains.
  • It tones your pelvic floor muscles to prepare your body for the delivery and helps it recover after.
  • It will develop a sense of awareness of deep breathing to help with the movements.

Post-Pregnancy Pilates

The Iso Fit instructors are well-experienced in working with women who are interested with postnatal Pilates. This exercise routine will help you gain back your confidence and get you ready to face new challenges of being a mother. This workout will help strengthen your core control muscles and also the pelvic floor. It will create a muscular ‘corset’ for your body to be able to support your spine, strengthen and lengthen your back muscles, and uses toning and stretching in order to reduce muscular tension caused by repetitive physical movement.

Iso Fit Physiotherapy Center

Pilates pregnancy instructors from Iso Fit believe in healing through movement. They treat the cause of the problem and help strengthen your body. Pilates is the smartest choice that you can make for your body. Iso Fit is very well known in Central Hong Kong to provide the needed physical support of women during and after pregnancy.