Get hold of Personal Fitness Trainer

Becoming a Personal Fitness Trainer can be quite profitable. You goal is to keep your customers from becoming bored with their workout program. Your job is to inspire them to continue their instruction. Statistics show that Americans are unfit even though they invest substantial sums on exercise equipment and memberships in health clubs. A Personal Fitness Trainer can lessen the boredom and lack of motivation by offering individual fitness plans. There’s a significant need to improve the physical fitness of Americans. If they were physically fit their psychological health and physical health would improve. This would lessen the probability of numerous illnesses like high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. If you have any Technical sports related skills, you can use these to educate others. Such as karate, aerobics, baseball etc.. These can be taught in gyms, pupils houses, YMCAs or anywhere that you’d have access to a large enough space and the equipment required.

Start-up Costs

$100 to $5,000 Based on where you will perform your Personal Fitness Training.

Advertising and Marketing Tips

Yellow page Advertising, business website, business cards and newspaper advertisements. As soon as you get some customers, word of mouth will do the job very well if you are good being as a Personal Fitness Trainer. Your website needs to be recorded on your business card and with your other advertising.

fitness training at home

Essential Equipment

Recommended Training & Needed Skills

Nesta is an Institution that covers training and certification for being a fitness training at home. You will have to understand nutrition, athletic training and sports psychology. Home study courses are offered by Distance Education and Training Council.

Income Potential

As a Personal Fitness Trainer you can make from $20,000 to $80,000.

This would all depend on your level of training and which sort of courses or individual classes you teach.

Target Market

Your target market as A Personal Fitness Trainer would be professionals, athletes or individuals who only want to get fit. Another market would be individuals who were told by their doctors to get back into shape. This holds particularly true for diabetics and people with high blood pressure.