Adopt a basset Get a pet friend

Sun coast basset rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues abandoned, abusive and lost Basset hounds because of the love for the breed. This organization works to give a second chance of living for Bassets. Thought to be someone future best pet friend, more than 2000 bassets has been rescued. Since it is a non-profit organization, this exists only on donations and the rescue team works for their love towards basset. Bassets found in this organization are from human societies, pounds, strays lost from owners, shelters or hand over by owners themselves who do not want it due to some particular reasons.

Owners give up their bassets for a variety of reasons. It might be due to basset dog gainesville flchanging lifestyle, allergy towards pet, economy and lacking responsibility of owners. Some owners give up because of the frequent nature of bassets. This happens due to lack of responsibility or attention that they are seeking. So then these orphaned bassets are rescued and taken into future care where they can be loved and cared forever until they get into their new home. Rescue team provides veterinary care like vaccinating it, neutering, spaying, heartworm prevention, and flea and tick prevention along with TLC. This organization is not a kennel that up brings all rescued basset dog gainesville fl, they pamper it until it finds a new home with more love and care. They do not have any paid staff. All those in this rescue team are volunteers who have their full-time job and personal responsibilities. They take those abandoned bassets to their home to rescue and take top care until it finds its future home.

This rescue team places the basset in loving and adoptive home to enjoy it life with more care and attention. Taking care of these bassets to rest of its life makes those volunteers feel the happiness of rescuing and giving life to the one who suffers. Most of the time dogs that come in and will never finds future homes, in those cases some human volunteers to help the cause and provides a living for bassets that can have a wonderful and soulful look.